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Website: robprior.com

Over a 30 plus year career Rob has been an illustrator, director, writer, producer, and artist.At comic cons, gallery shows, and even live concerts, Rob's unique painting techniques captivate audiences young and old.

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Instagram: @marthacoopergram

In the 1984 photographer Martha Cooper put together a book of photographs illustrating the graffiti subculture called Subway Art. It became known as the Bible of street art. Her  photographs have appeared in National Geographic, Smithsonian and Natural History magazines as well as several dozen books and journals. She is the Director of Photography at City Lore, the New York Center for Urban Folk Culture.


Website: clbart.com

Since moving back to Miami in 2006, Claudia began painting her way through Miami’s drastic transformation. Claudia has made a recognizable mark in the art world. Most known for street art in the Wynwood arts district, where her murals are flourishing around every corner. Some 30 feet tall, the portrayals of incredibly sexy and confident women of wonder command respect, tying her philosophies towards empowerment and strong ambitions together.


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Instagram: @jonacirwinske

Artist Jona Cerwinske is considered a local Miami artist to his neighbors, yet with the help of a Sharpie, he’s starting to make his impact globally. Drawings might typically be considered as bland or 2D, however Cerwinske uses anything but paper as his canvas. A helmut, a motorcycle, and a Lamborghini are just a few examples of products Cerwinske has made his mark on.


Website: jonathanmannion.com

For two decades, Jonathan Mannion has been the photographer whose lens has defined hip- hop. His work ethic coupled with his ability to comprehend and connect with the creative vision of his clients, has produced some of the most iconic images of those who define the genres of music, fashion, art, sports and film.